New Electrostatic Precipitators

Whether building a new facility, or replacing obsolete equipment, AirTek can provide the electrostatic precipitator customized for your specific needs.

Our engineering and design group is unmatched in the industry in both size and experience.

Our capable construction department ensures that a turnkey installation is safe, on schedule, and built to last. Our robust precipitator design works across most all applications and is engineered for easy operation and maintenance. 

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The past 6 new Recovery Boiler precipitators to be constructed in the United States were engineered, designed, constructed, and guaranteed by AirTek. This is a 20-year track record of achievement in product knowledge and project execution.


Complications presented by the type of ash created by the recovery boiler, and ash removal from the ESP make the recovery boiler precipitator the most difficult to engineer, design, and construct. AirTek is more than capable of meeting the challenges presented by this application. 

Our Design Features: 


Rigid Discharge Electrodes 

Our RDE is structurally rigid and provides the required stiffness for proper alignment; the method in which it is fabricated provides for it being virtually unbreakable.


Direct Rapping 


Our rapping system ensures superior acceleration and maximum transfer of rapping energy into the collecting plate.

Voltage Controls and Power Supplies 

Our controls and power supplies are custom engineered for each application, utilizing all modern technologies.


Collection Plates 


Maximum Structural Integrity and Stiffness.
Superior Rapping Characteristics.
Uniform Thermal Expansion.
Accurate Plate Alignment.
No Field Assembly.


Auxiliary Equipment 


On our Precipitators there are many integral components that we design / engineer / supply / install.