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Rigid Discharge Electrode



AirTek’s Rigid Discharge Electrode (RDE) consists of a 1½ or 2-inch diameter tube with corona generating pins. This results in an RDE which is structurally rigid, provides the required stiffness for proper alignment, and is virtually unbreakable.

The welded pin design allows the pin arrangement to be customized for the application. The vertical spacing of the pins on the tube can be varied, the pins can be staggered or opposed, the pins can be angled off the centerline of the tube, and the length can be varied.

Both spacing and angling of the emitter pins will optimize the corona onset voltage, maximize the voltage field, and create conditions to produce high electrical field strength.


Factors that must be considered in determining the proper electrode arrangement to assure performance requirements are attained include the type of material collected, particle size, and particulate loading.

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