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Safety Management Services

AirTek is committed to safety and our program exceeds OSHA standards. Our safety program has been fully audited & approved by companies across several major industries. We continuously work to improve vital safety processes to achieve our goal of zero injuries and incidents – Aiming to reduce safety and health risk, minimize our environmental impact, and maximize efficiency.

Safety Culture 

At AirTek, safety is an integral part of our operations. We follow a comprehensive program with a goal of zero injuries at our clients’ plant-site locations and in our facilities. Our safety procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to meet the latest applicable safety requirements. We have an active process to instill safety values in each employee and regularly implement programs to reinforce safety practices. In addition, comprehensive safety training and coaching is ongoing on each project and fosters an environment where workers help each other to work safely.

Safety Wear

Striving to be Injury Free, One Project at a Time

Our safety programs and initiatives are led by a full-time Safety Director well versed in OSHA regulations. This individual is responsible for developing safety procedures and programs, providing training and ensuring effective implementation that creates a safe working environment for our employees and customers.


The AirTek Safety Program

Our Advantages

AirTek safety procedures meet or exceed OSHA guidelines, including full compliance with customer-specific safety regulations, we continuously improve our safety processes to ensure that we stay on the path to industry-leading safety excellence.

Dedicated safety program improvements include:
  • Adopting a behavioral based safety culture to ensure safety compliance from top to bottom.

  • Recruiting professional safety personnel to the AirTek team.

  • Enhancing our safety manual and augmenting with updated on-boarding and orientation videos.

  • Involving immediate supervisors and foremen in annual safety seminars.

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