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Precipitator Parts Equipment Supply Services

AirTek’s electrostatic precipitator parts division exists to add value to your company by providing quality replacement parts in a consistent and timely fashion. If you have a need for any precipitator replacement part, we are able to provide it. Our extensive precipitator experience (with all brands) allows us to ensure you have the parts you need to keep your unit on-line, and parts that will optimize your precipitator’s performance year after year. 

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Fax: (334) 566-7496

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In-Stock Warehouse 

If you need a commonly used precipitator part, chances are we have it. With two enclosed warehouses, over 200,000 square feet of storage space, and over $3 million in inventory on hand, we have the parts to service your ESP regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

24 Hour Service

In emergencies, response time is critical. Our parts division was designed to respond quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a drag scraper system wreck in the middle of the night or a control system circuit board damaged in a storm, AirTek is available 24 hours a day to support you. We can have the parts you need processed and on their way to you in no time. 

All OEM’s 

AirTek’s parts group is designed to consistently support your equipment with quality replacement parts promptly no matter the OEM or how antiquated. Over the last 3 decades we have worked to compile information on OEM parts, or re-engineered them to make our parts solutions more reliable and affordable than the OEM in most situations. 

We support equipment from the following manufacturers: 

Research Cottrell
American Air Filter
Environmental Elements (EEC)



FL Smidth

Flakt / Alstom / ABB
CE Walther

Storeroom Audits

Tracking replacement parts through annual maintenance and equipment rebuilds is difficult.
Maintaining accurate inventory levels of critical parts and updating storeroom descriptions for
replacement reorders over the lifetime of a precipitator is nearly impossible. Let our experts streamline your processes by eliminating any guesswork. AirTek provides free storeroom inventory audits. Our qualified ESP professionals conduct on-site inventory analysis to ensure the equipment you catalogue, and stock is the right equipment for your precipitator. We create a comprehensive list of replacement parts and match your store stock number with our AirTek part number, streamlining the reorder process. 

Outage Planning and Consignment Parts

When you’re planning an outage, it can be difficult to estimate the precipitator parts needed. AirTek’s field experienced ESP professionals are trained in scope of work analysis. Not only will they create recommended parts lists based on your scope of work, but also send spare parts with our maintenance crews to be used on a consignment basis. You will only be invoiced for the parts you need, and you’ll never be charged a restocking fee for the parts you don’t use. AirTek simplifies your process and eliminates the cost to plan for, order, and stock parts that you may not use or need

Inventory Management 

AirTek’s integrated approach to parts management not only tracks your annual usage of each precipitator part, but also catalogues and tracks your storeroom stock numbers. Our state of the art inventory management solution allows us to anticipate the parts you need, when you most need them. 

Electronic Circuit Board Repair

Just because an electrical circuit board has failed or has been damaged doesn’t mean it should be
discarded. AirTek extends the life of many circuit boards, both T/R and rapper controllers, by repairing and refurbishing the boards to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Send us the damaged board for evaluation and we’ll handle the rest. 

Parts Storage

Storing replacement parts on an industrial site can be cumbersome. AirTek helps prevent loss due to
rain, corrosion, misplacement, and theft by offering enclosed, locked, warehouse space to temporarily hold your precipitator parts. 

Parts Alliance 

Knowing cost is essential when forecasting and reducing cost is essential for continued success. AirTek helps with both. AirTek eliminates market discontinuities by offering Alliance Contracts to our corporate partners. These contracts establish annual pricing at a discounted rate. Not only will you know the pricing January through December, you can also track the savings throughout the year. 


Precipitator Spare Parts List

If you need an electrostatic precipitator replacement part, we can provide it. Whether it’s machined,
fabricated, pressed, laser cut, or extruded, we have the parts for your precipitator needs. Below are a
few categories of the parts we stock and provide: 

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