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Precipitator Rebuild Services

A precipitator rebuild is typically defined as the replacement of aged internals (collecting plates and electrodes) in an existing casing.  AirTek has been the go-to organization to perform this service for over 30 years.  We have performed over 200 precipitator rebuilds and continue to add to this number every year.   Our capable team can accommodate a rebuild of almost any style OEM precipitator.

These rebuilds are typically a critical path activity during an outage.  A great deal of skill and expertise is required to execute one in a fashion that is safe, precise, and on schedule. 

Planning for a precipitator rebuild is usually done a year or more in advance to ensure a successful outcome.

A precipitator rebuild is also the perfect opportunity to upgrade to more modern technology that will increase performance and reliability. 

  • Properly engineered electrodes and electrode spacing

  • Safer access and interlocks

  • High Frequency Power Supplies

  • Control upgrades

  • Rapper design changes

  • Ash system upgrades

Rebuild Execution

AirTek’s reliable and safe construction crews have your precipitator rebuild in hand.   Our past customers will testify to the safe and efficient methods that our experienced Superintendents, Foremen, and Journeymen have developed to perform your project in fastest time possible.     

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