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Direct Rapping

Plate Rapping.JPG

Cleaner Collection Plates

AirTek supplies a direct collecting plate rapping system that ensures superior acceleration and maximum transfer of rapping energy into the collecting plate. The direct plate rapping system allows the rapping energy to transfer directly into the collecting plates and not through the collecting plate support channels. There are no welded connections between the rapper rod and collecting plate which is a common failure point in other designs. Two collecting plates are rapped at a time to minimize rapping loses (re-entrainment) that can cause opacity spikes. Rapping smaller collecting plate areas requires less impact energy, prolongs the life of the equipment, and reduces maintenance costs.


Key features include:
Maximized Transfer of Rapping Energy into the Collecting Plates
Reduced Re-entrainment
Maximized Precipitator Efficiency
Increased Equipment Life
Reduced Maintenance
Electromagnetic Rappers

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