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Auxiliary Equipment


In addition to our primary service and supply of Dry Electrostatic Precipitators, AirTek also supports a wide range of closely associated equipment:

Wet ESPs Wet Scrubbers Dry Scrubbers SCRs Baghouses Dust Collectors Cyclones Fans Air Heaters Mix Tanks Sluice Bowls Ductwork Support Steel Access Structures Drag Conveyors Screw Conveyors Dampers Expansion Joints Rotary Airlocks Double Dump Valves

Our designers and engineers are top notch professionals with decades of experience in Precipitator design, construction, and operation. 
On our Precipitators there are many integral components that we design / engineer / supply / install:
   Application Analysis
   New Equipment Sizing
    Interlock and Safety Systems
   Ash Conveying Systems
   Purge Air and Heating Systems
   Stack Exhaust Systems
   Structural and Access Systems
   Access Doors
   Control and Power Supply Systems

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