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Paper Mills & Modern Air Pollution Control Equipment Design

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Air Pollution Control Equipment Design

You’ve heard it a million times: paper mills smell bad, and they pollute the environment. And it’s accurate – if you’re discussing years past. But thankfully, no more. Gone are the days of inefficient systems that pollute our air. Modern air pollution control systems have cleaned up paper mill emissions industry-wide, considerably reducing pollution while meeting today’s air quality standards.

Pulp and paper mills also get a bad rap for being antiquated, not being in touch with today’s more environmentally friendly mindset. Not true at all. Just one of the ways paper mills reduce waste is by converting it into energy with boilers fueled by products of their processes. Today’s air pollution control helps ensure that process is clean and environmentally sound.

AirTek has decades of experience in the construction and maintenance of pulp and paper mill air pollution control. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your paper mill into the 21st century.

Key Factors in Modern APC System Operations

There are a number of key factors in keeping pulp and paper mill pollution control systems up to date:

  • Regular inspections

  • Preventative maintenance

  • New and repaired parts

  • System upgrades

  • New equipment

Regular inspections

APC systems in pulp and paper mills lose effectiveness with time: parts and equipment degrade over the years, and problems that start out small can grow exponentially in severity. Regular inspections of your ESP and other components find weaknesses before they become serious, eliminating costly breakdowns.

Preventative maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance addresses potential issues before they occur and keeps your paper mill’s air pollution control system running effectively and efficiently.

New and repaired parts

Many parts of an APC system can be repaired to minimize facility overhead, and when repair’s not an option, new parts can be a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement.

System upgrades

Today’s pulp and paper mill emission standards often can’t be met with yesterday’s air pollution control system design. System upgrades supply the parts necessary to keep your facility up to speed with modern requirements.

New equipment

While scheduled maintenance, replacement parts, and upgrades keep your air pollution control system working well for an extended period, new equipment is an investment that ensures your mill is operating at peak efficiency.

At AirTek, we inspect, maintain, and supply paper mill APC systems and parts to the pulp and paper industry that reduce particulate emissions and help mills meet today’s clean air standards.

Air Pollution Control System Corrosion

Corrosion caused by acidic moisture can also be a factor in the degradation of paper mill ESPs, so our experienced engineers keep your equipment running at the correct temperature to avoid condensation that can lead to corrosion. We also conduct regular inspections to catch potential problems before they lead to costly shutdowns.

Modern APC Design for Pulp and Paper Mills

Modern air pollution control equipment design for paper mills accounts for the fine particles generated by boilers and removes them, resulting in cleaner air emissions. AirTek’s electrostatic processor design addresses the unique needs of pulp and paper mills.

Experience is key when developing systems for controlling paper mill pollution. Our staff of engineers knows the pulp and paper industry and the specific challenges it presents to air pollution control. We’ll design, install, and maintain your equipment and keep it up to today’s emission control standards.

To continue to keep your pulp and paper mill’s air pollution control system doing its job, it’s critical to keep it properly maintained and up to date. AirTek’s preventive maintenance services ensure your APC system is working at peak performance and efficiency.


Learn How You Can Keep Your Pulp and Paper Mill’s Pollution Control System Up to Date with AirTek in Troy, Alabama

From regular inspections and scheduled maintenance to new parts and equipment, AirTek is your trusted resource for serving the pulp and paper industry. Learn how we can help you keep your mill up to date, meeting modern air quality standards: contact us today.

AirTek is the premier supplier of pulp and paper mill air pollution control (APC) equipment, providing superior engineering, construction, and maintenance services. We have successfully managed projects to rebuild and upgrade the performance of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for a wide range of customers in the power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical, rock products, and steel industries. AirTek is prepared to assist you with all your APC needs with honesty, integrity, and excellent service.

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