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Precision Maintenance

In addition to industry-leading APC services, we also offer Precision Maintenance services


Elite Precision Maintenance Services for Industrial Equipment in the Southeast

AirTek Construction is a leading pollution control and industrial maintenance company in the Southeast United States. In addition to improving air quality, AirTek can also help you maintain optimal and efficient equipment performance.

Precision Maintenance Services include:

Industrial Fans - Installation and Repair

Conveyor Maintenance

Precision Bearing Work

Fluid Drive Repair

Sole Plate Installation

Material Handling Repair

Dust Collector Inspection and Repair


Our teams of experienced craftsmen and journeymen have training in the following:


Laser Alignment


Bearing Inspection


Equipment Operation

Steel Mill Special Procedures

Cement / Mining Special Procedures


What is Precision Maintenance?

Precision maintenance refers to the performance of a variety of routine maintenance tasks. These tasks will vary depending on the unique industry and equipment with which we are working, but here's what remains the same: they must be performed consistently, accurately, and in accordance with industry best practices. Safety is always a priority among maintenance personnel, and each maintenance technician must perform the tasks in the exact same manner.


The goal of precision maintenance is to increase machine reliability, create a routine, and stick to it. Developing a comprehensive precision maintenance plan will help prevent reactive maintenance and equipment failures. This reduction in repair costs and maintenance costs saves your business money in the long run and ensures the safety of your crew.

 30+ Years of Precision Maintenance and Air Pollution Control Services

Since 1988, AirTek Construction has delivered the highest quality engineering, construction, APC, and maintenance services to our valued clients. We are motivated by and committed to complete customer satisfaction, and over 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. We're ready to leap into action in the field when and where you need us. Our team has had extensive training and experience in precipitators, baghouses, scrubbers, conveyor systems, dampers, fans, and more.


Over the years, we have undertaken large construction projects and developed precision maintenance plans for a variety of businesses throughout AL, GA, TN, MS, FL, SC, and beyond. We have the resources to support your projects with a variety of design, engineering, project management, and business development resources. From our headquarters in Troy, Alabama, we provide all aftermarket services.


Today, we're ready to help you develop a successful precision maintenance program that best fits your company and your projects.

Want to Maintain Equipment Performance and Reduce Maintenance Costs? Develop A Successful Precision Maintenance Program with AirTek

Investing in precision maintenance leads to more growth in the long-term. Extend equipment lifespan, increase production, and save money with elite precision maintenance services from AirTek!


For qualified air pollution control and industrial maintenance services, AirTek Construction has the expert maintenance teams you can trust. It's our job to ensure your next project goes forward smoothly and safely. For more information about our precision maintenance services, call (334) 566-7400 or contact us online.

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