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Vital Inspection & Maintenance for Air Pollution Equipment

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Maintenance for Air Pollution Equipment

As an owner/operator of an air emission source, if you don’t take a preventative approach to maintaining your electrostatic precipitator and drag chain conveyor equipment, you run the risk of dealing with expensive repairs from breakdowns and costly shut-downs in operations. Not to mention, without routine maintenance in place, you are also risking the safety of your personnel.

Being proactive and planning for preventative maintenance helps prevent downtime and reduces the need for replacement and repairs, driving down overall costs and ensuring the safety of everyone at your facility. Partner with AirTek for a range of services for our own and other manufacturers’ Air Pollution Control equipment located in your facility.

Services include:

  • Inspections

  • Maintenance

  • Repairs and Upgrades

  • Engineering & Design Services for Major Repairs, Rebuilds, or Upgrades

  • Fabrication, Procurement & Installation Services for Rebuilds or Upgrades

Creating an Inspection and Maintenance Plan

We recommend a thorough inspection of your equipment at least once per year. However, each piece of equipment requires inspection at different intervals. Drag chains, for instance, have varying requirements for the number of hours they can be operational before an inspection is necessary.

The expert engineers from AirTek can help create a routine maintenance plan tailored to the needs of your facility and equipment so that each piece of equipment is getting the attention it needs to be safe and efficient for years to come.

Internal Inspections and Maintenance for Electrostatic Precipitator Equipment

Internal inspections performed by our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are vital for obtaining maximum performance of your electrostatic precipitator. These internal inspections ensure that you have proper maintenance scheduled to address any issues we find. We will also make suggestions for any problems discovered during such an inspection. These measures help prevent failures and the need for replacement.

Why Choose AirTek for Preventative Maintenance?

AirTek has experienced Field Service Engineers that can help evaluate your equipment and unit operating conditions to ensure reliable operation. Our engineers’ years of experience guarantee that the inspections are done safely and with minimal downtime.

Our staff includes control, electrical, and mechanical system specialists who work with air pollution control equipment on a full-time basis. As such, they have the knowledge base required to inspect equipment for possible issues and quickly identify probable causes and solutions.

Our skilled field service department provides several services to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your equipment, including:

  • Routine maintenance inspections

  • Reports detailing findings and recommended future work

  • Troubleshooting assistance

  • Responding to emergency calls

  • Start-up and commissioning services

Partnering with AirTek for preventative maintenance ensures you have the level of expertise required to keep your equipment running as it should and within regulation. Our skilled engineers have the knowledge and experience to see the job done right and that you get the most service life out of your equipment.

Learn How You Can Be Proactive with ESP and Drag Chain Maintenance with AirTek in Troy, Alabama

AirTek is your trusted resource for ESP and drag chain maintenance, from regular inspections and scheduled maintenance to new parts and equipment. Learn how we can help you keep your facility up to date, meeting modern air quality standards: contact us today.

AirTek is the premier supplier of pulp and paper mill air pollution control (APC) equipment, providing superior engineering, construction, and maintenance services. We have successfully managed projects to rebuild and upgrade the performance of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for a wide range of customers in the power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical, rock products, and steel industries. AirTek is prepared to assist you with all your APC needs with honesty, integrity, and excellent service.

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