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Ensuring Optimal Electrostatic Precipitator Performance - AirTek

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

As an owner/operator of an air emission source, it can be quite challenging to navigate the many issues that require your attention to keep your air pollution control system functioning optimally. Every system is unique and requires varying levels of expertise to maintain.

From precipitator maintenance to inventory management for parts, AirTek has the experience and expertise to guide you through the issues you may face. We provide engineered solutions to meet environmental and reliability requirements for your systems. Pair that with our vast stock of OEM parts, efficient inventory management systems, and 24-hour parts and services, and you have a partner who can guarantee optimal precipitator performance year after year.

AirTek’s Experienced Engineers

Our experienced engineers evaluate your equipment and unit operating controls to see if they are operating as they should. Our control, electrical, and mechanical system specialists work with air pollution control equipment full-time and have the knowledge and experience to review and analyze any problems, identify causes, and propose solutions.

AirTek’s Experienced Engineers can help with a variety of maintenance and evaluation tasks, including:

  • Perform routine maintenance inspections

  • Provide reports detailing findings and recommended future work

  • Provide troubleshooting assistance

  • Respond to emergency calls

  • Provide start-up and commissioning services

Additionally, the engineering group analyzes concerns from the field service department about reliability or end-of-life concerns and makes recommendations to ensure your equipment meets performance and reliability standards. These recommendations come with budgetary planning estimates so that you can address any issues before they become debilitating.

Typical improvement recommendations:

  • Additional collecting area

  • Redesign of plate/electrode geometry

  • Electrical power sectionalization or enhancement

  • Flue gas flow modifications

  • Controller upgrades

Precipitator Control Upgrades

We have experience installing every major OEM voltage controller, rapper controller, and management system. It is often advantageous to match new controller upgrades to similar systems at a given facility. If you are not partial to any given controller, we can recommend an OEM system based on performance needs, regulatory compliance monitoring requirements, and budgetary concerns.

We can perform controller retrofits during any routine maintenance outage. In most cases, the majority of the existing auxiliary equipment (enclosures, breakers, contactors, etc.) can be reused, so only the proprietary components need to be replaced. Our parts division can assist with sourcing any such components required for upgrading.

AirTek provides detailed operator and electrician training following the upgrade to ensure personnel can operate and maintain the new equipment.

Replacement Parts and Inventory Management

The hardest part about planning an outage is estimating the precipitator parts needed. Our field-experienced ESP professionals help by making a scope of work analysis and recommended parts list. We will send you spare parts with our maintenance crews for use on a consignment basis. You will only be invoiced for the parts you need; there are no restocking fees for the parts you don’t use.

AirTek’s parts group will provide consistent and timely support for your equipment with quality replacement parts no matter the OEM. Airtek can also track your annual usage of each precipitator part, catalog and track your storeroom stock numbers, and anticipate the parts you need when you need them most.

Our parts division supports equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Research Cottrell

  • American Air Filter

  • Buell

  • PPC

  • Environmental Elements(Clyde Bergemann)

  • Belco

  • Joy-Western

  • UOP

  • Flakt / Alstom / ABB

  • Rothemule

  • CE Walther

  • Wheelabrator

With our large warehouses and vast inventory, if you need a part to service your ESP, chances are we have it.

Our parts division is also there for emergencies with quick, efficient response times 24 hours a day. Whether it’s a drag wreck in the middle of the night or a circuit board damaged in a storm, we can have the parts you need processed and on their way in no time.

AirTek’s Commitment to Excellence

At AirTek, we operate every aspect of the business consistent with the Biblical Code of Ethics. We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and principles throughout our operations and are committed to:

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Respect for Our Customers, Vendors, and Employees

  • Highest Health, Environmental, and Safety Practices

  • Highest Quality Products and Services to Our Customers

Our track record for repeat work is unmatched in this industry, and we do everything in our power to ensure the satisfaction of every customer on every project.

Learn More About How AirTek Can Optimize Electrostatic Precipitator Performance Year After Year

AirTek is an industry-leading supplier of air pollution control (APC) equipment, providing superior engineering, construction, and maintenance services. We have successfully managed projects to rebuild and upgrade the performance of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for a wide range of customers in the power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical, rock products, and steel industries. AirTek is prepared to assist you with all your APC needs with honesty, integrity, and excellent service.

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