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Drag Chain Conveyor Parts & Maintenance from AirTek

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Drag Chain Conveyor Maintenance

Your drag chain conveyor is the workhorse of your plant. You rely on it for smooth, continued operation, and it’s typically dependable to the point where you almost don’t need to think about it. Drag chains are also extremely durable and are built to last. But when your drag chain conveyor breaks down, you know it. The cost of a breakdown hits you two ways: the cost of the parts themselves, and, more seriously, the cost of the plant shutdown while waiting for the replacement parts and the following repair. A plant shutdown results in a loss of production and a waste of labor hours, and its impact can be felt for months.

We know what it takes to keep a plant operational, and a big part of it is keeping your drag chain conveyor up and running at peak efficiency.

Drag Chain Conveyor Maintenance Keeps You Up and Running

Your drag chain works hard to keep the conveyor running, and your conveyor works equally hard moving materials to or away from your machinery. It’s easy to take them for granted while focusing attention on your other equipment and making sure it undergoes regular maintenance. But drag chains need regular maintenance more than many other parts in your system.

An improperly maintained drag chain is a time bomb. A lack of lubrication can lead to slippage, wear, and, ultimately, a conveyor belt breakdown. Poorly maintained links can lead to breakage, which is dangerous for equipment and your workforce.

While it’s good to have a maintenance engineer on staff, that person can easily be stretched thin and may not have all the necessary components to get the job done. AirTek’s skilled team can ensure your whole plant is properly maintained and ready for extended heavy use. And we have all the parts and supplies to make sure your drag chain conveyor maintenance leaves nothing behind.

A Full Complement of Drag Chain Conveyor Parts

When you need drag chain conveyor parts, you need them now. If your conveyor’s broken and your plant’s not running, you’re wasting time and money—both precious resources. But with your plant running around the clock and many parts departments following office hours, who do you call? Our parts department is always open, and is your one stop shop for all your needs.

AirTek’s warehouse and storage facility means we have a huge supply of parts in stock. We have more than 200,000 square feet of storage space and over $3 million in parts inventory. Whatever you need, chances are we have it when you need it.

Drag chain conveyors are critical components of your operation, so maintaining them and making sure you have available parts ensures you can keep your plant running smoothly. The AirTek parts department is open 24/7. You call us, and we’ll get you the parts you need, fast.


Contact AirTek for Drag Chain Conveyor Parts & Maintenance

Your drag chain conveyor takes a beating, and you need a partner who can provide skilled maintenance to keep it running so it can keep your plant running. And if you break down consider us your parts department, 24/7. Our huge stock is available to you when you need it. For more information about how AirTek can keep your drag chain conveyor running smoothly, contact us today.

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